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Wayne_Fresno Portrait Photographer

“For nearly 16 years, I have been creatively capturing the beauty of women ...  and at the same time, inspiring women to feel beautiful.  I believe that all women are beautiful, from size 2 to 22. Having said that, there are three things I know for sure … I love photographing women, I love bringing out the best in them and I love making a difference. My style is contemporary beauty/glamour, as seen in many fashion magazines today. I strive to deliver to women the experience & feeling, of being beautiful themselves.  I firmly believe ... "what makes you different … is what makes you beautiful"!  Through my eyes, however; "every woman", is a different kind of beautiful … including you!  I intend to prove that, as I capture the “true-beauty” of women … One-Woman-at-a-Time. First and foremost, “Beauty” ... is NOT a size … it is the "beautiful-radiant-light”, that shines from within you. I believe, there is a way to photograph,  E V E R Y  woman.  A perfect reason to celebrate everything about you ... for you ... and all the people in your life, who love you. I invite you to a personal session with me.  I promise, it will change the way you view yourself … and for me, it’s that first moment, when a woman looks at a photograph, and sees herself looking the best she's looked in her life ... that’s a gift, that not many people, in what they do for a living, can actually give someone … and I get to do that all the time".

I know who I am … I know what I believe … and that’s all I need to know.


~ Wayne


Memberships & Awards:

WPPI Wedding and Portrait Photographers International

Award of Excellence 2010

Award of Excellence 2008

PPA Professional Photographers of America