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Linda | Fresno Portrait Photography

Linda-G_Fresno Portrait Photography It is extremely heartfelt, having received a handwritten “Thank-You Note” from a client, especially in this day and age … with all the abundance of electronically driven messaging choices at our disposal. When someone takes the time to put pen-to-paper, it takes on a very...
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Samantha | Fresno Portrait Photographer

Samantha_Fresno Portrait Photographer Samantha went about the business, of going about her business, in preparing herself for our photo-session ahead. I would glance over at her, periodically, as I set up my gear. I could see her calculated, focused expression, as she methodically prepared herself … like a...
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Welcome to my newly designed website!

Welcome to my newly designed website! Starting today, I’ve launched my redesigned website, devoted primarily to photographing Contemporary Beauty/Glamour Portraits of beautiful women. If you know me, you know that I believe that “all women are beautiful and that there is a way to photograph e v e r y woman”. I would like to start...
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