"I needed pictures for my first-ever professional website, and I decided to trust Wayne to help me.  I'm so glad I did!  He spent time getting to know me beforehand, so I felt comfortable being myself during the photo shoots.  I wanted specific shots of me in a particular setting, and Wayne patiently accommodated every single one of my requests.  The results were amazing!  I ended up with a portfolio of photos I can use now and in the future ... and I LOVE them!  Thank you Wayne, for your exceptional competence and professionalism."

Linda Gannaway, Educator and Author


The lady creating my website told me it was a good idea to get some headshots done, and to me, I never really had it on my agenda to get pictures taken, but I went ahead anyway. I absolutely hate taking pictures. I have just always been that way. The last time I had pictures taken was for my engagement and my wedding, but that was because it’s a must. So I had my many doubts about getting headshots, but when we were taking the pictures, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Of course it was a little awkward, but that is expected. When taking pictures with you Wayne, I liked that you didn’t make it awkward, and we did helpful exercises before we even began. I feel that if you wouldn't have done that, the photo session wouldn't have gone that well. So “Thank-You Wayne” :) for walking me through those steps.

Tanya Absher, abshertanya@gmail.com

_MG_0317_I trusted Wayne for some of the most important pictures in my career (for the cover of my book) and he absolutely delivered. He was professional, understood what I wanted, and was fun to work with so I could relax for the photos. Wayne also delivered a beautiful portrait which is my most favorite picture ever. I've worked with Wayne for several other projects. Every time he was wonderful to work with and delivered terrific photos.

Beth Bridges, The Network Motivator, http://www.thenetworkingmotivator.com/